Friday, June 29, 2012



It is nearing the end of retreat week here at the monastery.  The monastery brings in a director for 'conference' retreats twice a year to guide us in our quiet and reflection.  It was in the midst of this that I was sitting last night in a little alcove on first floor.  Caught up in my own reading and reflection, I wasn't paying too much attention.  Until one of the sisters (not on retreat by the by) stopped and with a smile pointed out the windows said, "Fireflies."

All over the south lawn, just outside the windows, were twinkling lights.  Up close to the windows they lit up the flower beds of lilies and roses with their luminescent yellow, then drifted off into the grass.  Farther away, the fireflies danced among the bushes along the edge of the lawn and up into the leaves of the linden trees.  They were all over the south lawn, their little lights creating a playful music for the eyes.  It was dark enough that you couldn't follow their bodies and it was a delightful suprise to see where they would light up again. 

An amazing little part of God's creation celebrating the night at the Monastery.


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