Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Monastery Mystery Revealed TWO


There were some interesting guesses during this second mystery item, and one person was quite close.  The crazy contraption held together by a paper clip is a stapler.  Yup, a monster stapling machine.  This was given to us at a time when we ran our own print shop and there was no such thing as copier machines that stapled for you.

We use this for compiling our special booklets for Feast Day Liturgy of the Hours (ie. our chanted Psalms for the upcoming Feast of the Sacred Heart) and for special Eucharistic celebrations at our Monastic Professions and Jubilees, as well as liturgy aids for guests who join us for Eucharist on Sundays.  Using this stapler we can print all the materials in the monastery using heavier paper for covers and lighter for the inside pages which we couldn't do using our copy machines.

You simply slide whatever you're stapling on the the 'V' plate and step down on the pedal at the base of the machine.  Some sisters can sit on a stool while doing this, but I have better luck simply standing and switching my stapling foot from right to left periodically. 

If you look closely at the metal plate...It's actually an "Acme" product.  The first time I used the stapler I nearly lost my one-footed balance (remember the other foot is stapling) thinking of Wile E. Coyote trying to use the machine!  Then realizing the Road Runner would be much faster at it than I was ; )


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