Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Sister Volunteers!


The sisters are preparing for the fall "Holiday Fair" with many of their best crafts and talents.  Sisters have been crocheting, sewing, cooking jellies, arranging stained glass, and beading rosaries as well as necklaces (whew!).  But there is one work we all share together, we make dried noodles.  This has been a community effort since our first endeavor back in 2010.  The sisters signed up in shifts to help all yesterday... they kneaded, cut, and separated the noodles all around the monastery refectory.  After they have dried a few days, another group of sisters will go about breaking them apart and arranging them in bags for the "Holiday Fair" this fall.

However, noodling nuns aren't the only volunteers this week!  The gardening sisters have been picking their way through the field of sweet corn.  A group of sisters gathered this afternoon to begin shucking and cleaning the corn for our first 'sweet' meal.  The sounds of the sisters voices, laughter, and corn husks echoed out and around the work room. There is a joy in sharing some simple work together.  Unfortunately, the yield of sweet corn has been small due to the drought in our area, and we aren't anticipating the chance to prepare and freeze our usual pounds for many meals throughout the winter.


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