Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Lenten Prayer

The Monastery Peace Chapel
 The season of Lent 'colors' many aspects of our Sisters' lives at the Monastery.  Both the Bishop Martin Marty Chapel and the Peace Chapel are very simply decorated for Lent.  The Peace Chapel, our main prayer space for the Liturgy of the Hours and weekday Mass has a few drapes of purple, simple altar candles, and the Sister's Lenten intentions. 

These resolutions or intentions were placed before the altar on Ash Wednesday and will remain there throughout all the Lenten season, a reminder of what each of the Sisters has resolved to do in continuing to develop her relationship with God and community.

Lent in the Monastery has much to do with attentive quiet or silence.  Our morning silence is extended through breakfast. Sisters on their way to prayer or an early breakfast greet each other with a smile or bow of the head in the hallways; in a simple way, acknowledging Christ in each other.  Even the music of our prayer during this time is subdued.  We continue to chant our hymns and closing Canticles, but the tones are simple.  This year, our Prioress has also added an intentional prayer at the end our Lauds and Vespers.  After the Prioresses final blessing at prayer, the Sisters silently pray for all those discerning God's call in their lives.

In the quiet of our Lent, be assured of our prayers for you.


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