Friday, July 24, 2015

Sister Honored for her Service to Others


Join us in celebrating our Sister's recognition for living-out Saint Benedict's call to loving service:  "In the reception of the poor and of pilgrims the greatest care and solicitude should be shown, because it is especially in them that Christ is received" (Chapter 53).

On Thursday evening, July 23rd, Yankton Church Women United hosted The Banquet in the U.C.C church basement along with several Sisters from Sacred Heart Monastery. Before the dinner bell rang for guests, Sr. Eileen O’Connor was recognized for her contribution to the community by the YCWU receiving the 2015 Human Rights Award. Commenting on her experience, Sr. Eileen clarified what the mission of the YCWU means to her: “serve means the same as love”. This is evident in Sr. Eileen’s involvement in the Yankton Community, whether it’s serving as a Big Friend, as a volunteer at The Banquet, participating in Toastmasters, or lending a hand in any other way. She has also served for fourteen years within her Monastic Community as Sacred Heart Monastery’s Vocation Assistant, working with children, teenagers and adults.

Eight churches in Yankton are members of the YCWU, and more are certainly welcome. Christ the King Episcopal Church, Peace Presbyterian Church, Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Sacred Heart Monastery, St. Benedict Catholic Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, United Church of Christ and United Methodist join together to host various events and give support to programs throughout the year. Nationally, CWU has been around for more than 70 years. In 1941, it was formed to encourage church women to come together in a visible fellowship to witness to their faith in Jesus Christ.For more information on various ministries Sacred Heart Monastery is involved in visit our ministry page.  For more information on the Yankton United Church Women.  (SHM Public Relations)

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