Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Solemnity of Saint Joseph

A summer day at the Saint Joseph
grotto at Sacred Heart Monastery.
Prayer to St. Joseph,
Protector of Homes

Sisters and guests can pause
to pray at Saint Joseph's grotto
between the Stations
of our Sorrowful Way.
Pour forth heaven's blessings on our families.
Remain in our midst. Help us to live in love and harmony, in peace and joy. May the wholesome fear of God strengthen us that virtue may adorn what we do and our way may lead to heaven. 

To you this day we give you the key to our dwelling places. Lock out all things that could do us harm. Lock our homes and loved ones with us in the hearts of Jesus and Mary. This we beg of you that our days may be like your days in the holy home at Nazareth. Amen.

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