Friday, November 21, 2014

In Thanksgiving for the Holiday Fair!


Today, we share a song of praise and thanksgiving
from our Sr. Francine in the gift shop...

On Sunday Week II of our Psalmody, we recite from Daniel "moon and stars, praise the Lord."
I think our praise after the Holiday Fair would sound like this:

Gardeners and apple pickers; praise the Lord for abundance,
Jelly and jam makers; praise the Lord for taste buds,
Knitter and crocheters; praise the Lord in patterns,
Seamstresses and needle pointers; praise the Lord in stitches,
Glass workers and jewelry makers; praise the Lord in designs and light,
Card and candle makers; praise the Lord with words and wax,
Plant growers; praise the Lord in greenery,
Bread, bun, and noodle makers; praise the Lord with aroma and appetites,
Greeters and sellers; praise the Lord with hospitality,
Hospitality bakers; praise the Lord with mouth-watering treats,
Benedictine Sisters of Sacred Heart Monastery and Monk of Assumption Abbey;
praise the Lord with the gifts He has freely given each of us.
Amen! Alleluia!

Our sisters from the gift shop have some amazing numbers to share.
523 Loaves of Bread & Muffins
56 Plates of Squash Buns
25 Rose Petals
88 Bags of Nun-Better Noodles
36 Containers of Sunflower Brittle
541 Jars of Jams, Jellies & Pickles
876 Pieces of Work & Plants created by our Monastic Artisans
27 Sisters Shared Their Homemade Hospitality Treats

We have been blessed in many ways by the countless people who touch our lives. Guests from near and far joined us on Saturday, October 25th: South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa...and even...Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Kansas, Minnesota, and even Virginia! Thank you for all who shared their gifts of time, talent, and treasure to support our International Student Sisters.

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