Wednesday, March 12, 2014

National Catholic Sisters Week ~ Another Shining Diamond

Greetings from a 70-year Jubilarian,

Each day of National Catholic Sisters Week, we will be sharing the story of one of our Jubilarian Sisters, those celebrating significant anniversaries in religious life!

Sister Grace grew up on a farm in northeast Nebraska, the sixteenth of seventeen children. She attended public, but looked forward to the Sisters coming for 2 weeks of religious education in the summer. Their kindness and happiness planted the seeds of a vocation in Grace. At the age of 14, she packed her bags to go to Milwaukee with her two Franciscan cousins, but after visiting with Sr. Seraphine and her pastor, she decided to try Yankton. She attended high school at Mount Marty Academy as an Aspirant and Postulant, and, after her novitiate, made First Monastic Profession in 1943. Among her memories is the day that she was happy to be assigned to work in the “candy” kitchen, only to find out it was the “canning” kitchen.

 S. Grace taught primary grades for 33 years. She ministered in the Catholic schools in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska. Her Bachelor of Arts degree was finally earned in 1963 after going to summer school for many years in between teaching assignments. After leaving teaching due to health issues, Sr. Grace embarked on another 30 plus year ministry at Avera Sacred Heart Hospital.

Now retired at the monastery, she is busy keeping track of her large family with over hundreds of grand nieces and nephews, and even more ”greats” and “great-grands”. She looks back with gratitude that God called her to this Benedictine way of life and for persevering in it. “I am especially grateful for the many opportunities I have for attending the Eucharist, praying the Liturgy of the Hours, and recreating with my sisters.”

Blessings...and come back tomorrow for another sparkling diamond!

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