Monday, September 16, 2013

Fall Harvest Continues


The fall harvest at the monastery garden continues with PUMPKINS!
Our Sister Gardener has begun gathering our pumpkins of all sizes.
This year she was surprised by a few 'ghost' pumpkins in the midst
 of the patch of orange gourds.
Sister Viticulturist also loves to garden.  She tends not only the monastery grape vines but also a 'small' hill of pumpkin vines.   
140 little pumpkins later...Sister has begun processing
 the fresh produce for future PIE! 
Sister Gardener has busy about many other fruits of the garden.  The monastery was blessed with good growing weather for watermelons and cantaloupe.  And while the orchard blossoms coincided with a chilly spring, she has kept our Novice busy with picking fall apples perfect for sauces and pies.
I wonder if pumpkin pie, fresh crisp melon, and homemade apple sauce was what Benedict had in mind when he wrote:  "Therefore let two cooked dishes suffice for all the brethren; and if any fruit or fresh vegetables are available, let a third dish be added"  (RB 39).   


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