Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Solemnity of Saint Benedict

The illustrated Rule of Benedict is open to chapters
72 and 73 of the Rule...on Good Zeal and
the Beginning of Perfection.
Last night, we began our celebration of Saint Benedict with first Vespers, evening prayer the night before the feast itself. On solemnities such as this, we gather outside the Chapel and process formally, prayerfully into the Chapel. This Statio is lead by one of the sisters carrying the candle for prayer; once all the sisters have processed into the main aisle, we reverence the altar and then the sister across the aisle with a deep bow. While waiting for our cue from the organ to begin statio, many of the sisters took time to reflect on the arrangement of St. Benedict and an illustrated copy of the Rule of Benedict.

"O holy Father, Benedict, in prayer and work without cease, in your untiring search for God, you found Christ's joy and peace." ~ Vespers Antiphon.

A Chapel window honoring our
holy Father Benedict.
This morning we continued honoring our founder's feast with our morning prayer of Lauds and Mass celebrated with Father (visiting) Abbot who is currently leading our sisters in a preached retreat.
"We shall run the way of God's commandments, with expanded hearts, with expanded hearts; we shall run the way of God's commandments with expanded hearts of love." ~ Lauds Hymn

Throughout all our meals today, we welcome all our employees who serve with us in meeting the needs of the monastery...from cook to carpenter, RN to receptionist...we all join together in the dinning room for food and fellowship.  Before our shared supper, we will gather one more time in Chapel to chant our praises to God for the blessings of Benedict and his Rule.  A good day all in all.

 "Let us love one another with fervent love, endure one another's infirmities; patiently serve and obey one another, and prefer nothing whatever to Christ." ~ Vespers Antiphon

Feastday Blessings, 

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