Sunday, August 26, 2012

Monastery Mystery Four Revealed


Our sisters dutifully held back while some interesting considerations were given via Facebook and a good guess on our blog.  The mix of metal and wood patterning reminded some of choir stalls and others of decorative church railings.  But these are combined elements of our Reservation Chapel in the Peace Chapel at the monastery. 

We hold our daily Liturgy of the Hours and Eucharistic prayer in the Peace Chapel while we celebrate feasts and Sundays in the Bishop Martin Marty Chapel.  As we gather for prayer early every morning and return too prayer again every evening, our sisters pause to reverence Christ present among us in the Reservation Chapel.  Throughout the day, sisters have the opportunity to come and sit in the cool quiet to reflect and pray.  If you find the opportunity to visit us, consider taking time in your day to rest in this prayer spot for some silent listening with God.

In the dailiness of our processing in and out of chapel, we can easily forget the work that it took to create the beautiful simplicity of this prayer space.  The Tabernacle and the stands were all designed by our Sr. Mary Kay, who now serves the monastery as procurator.  The icon of our Blessed Mother was written by an artist who at one time was also a sister of our monastery.  Even the stained glass (unseen on the right of this photo) was designed by one of our sister artists at the time the chapel was being constructed. 


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