Sunday, January 15, 2012

Monastic Chapter


This weekend we gathered at the Monastery to pray, discuss, and do a bit of business...Monastic Chapter.  The most joyous part of our Chapter was one particular vote.  When considering new members, the Rule of Benedict says  "If after due reflection she promises to observe everything and to obey every command given her, let her then be received into the community" chapter 58, 14.  Our Sr. Jill stood before the whole community to request our permission to celebrate her perpetual profession in our community.  She shared a beautiful letter telling of her growth, prayer, and love in our Benedictine community.  While listening to her gentle voice, I looked around the room to the faces of our Benedictine family; sisters' faces were shinning in the reflection of Sr. Jill's joy, some grinning ear-to-ear, others tearing up, or remembering this moment from their own request.  After she finished sharing, the junior sisters left the room and the chapter then discussed and voted on the junior sister.  Later when Sister Junior Director brought Sr. Jill back into the chapter, we greeted her with applause and hugs of joy.  The Monastic Chapter had accepted her!  We will be celebrating the Perpetual Monastic Profession of Sr. Jill within a few weeks!


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